Lighthouse Community Church is a Christ-centered, non-denominational bible-based church under Koinonia Fellowship of churches worldwide were Dr. Lawrence Chile is the Presiding Bishop

We are a church with a passion to be a healthy and celebrating family of individuals experiencing and sharing God's love with as many as we come into contact with.


We are committed to communicating and teaching the timeless truth of the wisdom of God and life in Christ through contemporary, creative, and culturally relevant means for our generation.

We recognize the reality that most people come to and mature in Christ over time through a process. Therefore, we respect and encourage this process while demonstrating understanding and grace when progress is slow.

We are committed to providing a multi-cultural, multi-generational context where you can:

  • Discover God's purpose and plan for your life

  • Serve God with your gift and talent

  • Strengthen your marriage and family

  • Build lasting relationships

  • Find practical answers to challenges and problems

  • Find healing for life's hurts, and strength to change destructive habits.



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259 Sixth Street

Brookhaven, PA 19015


Phone: (610) 876-7848

Fax: (610) 876-1419 

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