Genesis 1 verse 28

The first words that Man heard from God telling him to be fruitful, multiply, rule over the earth and have dominion over all animals can be called the “Dominion Mandate”. God never asks Man to do what He has not given him the capacity to do. Some of the animals God asked Man to have dominion over are bigger and faster than him. Therefore, God gave Man the power of imagination which can take him beyond his human limitations. The imagination is the part of the human mind which turns impulses and ideas into pictures or images. In the realm of imagination, you are limitless; anything can happen and you can have anything. Hence, our capacity for dominion is tied to our imagination. Physically, human beings are limited by time and space and can only live in the present. Conversely, in your imagination, you can live in the past or the future and be in different places in an instant.

Walking with God and walking in dominion requires a functioning and very flexible imagination. You should have the capacity to look at a seed and see the potential harvest that can come from that seed. When God says “multiply” you have got to have the capacity to think in quantum leaps and to see big shifts in your imagination. Long after Abraham received the promise of a son, as he brooded on how it would happen; God led him out to count the stars. He was told that his descendants would be as many as those stars (Genesis 15). Imagination gives you the capacity to reverse death and decay in any situation. For example, when Jesus entered Jairus’ house, people saw a dead girl, Jesus saw a girl who was asleep and would soon wake up. Walking with God requires that you believe in miracles and see possibilities in your imagination (Romans 4:17). You cannot afford to let life’s circumstances make you feel powerless. In your imagination, you can turn around and dominate whatever is dominating you in the physical just like Joseph did when he dreamed about rising above his brothers (Genesis 37).

Never accept your current reality as final because God has made provision for you to function and walk in dominion. When you cooperate with Him, your story can change, starting in your imagination. In the realm of imagination, all things are possible (Genesis 11: 6 AMP). Human beings have been designed to function like a camera. The image that is captured on the film or the memory card – the mind – is what is printed. Whatever image the power of God finds in your imagination is what is printed out for you in real life (Proverbs 23:27). You cannot change your life until you change your thinking and imagination (Romans 12:2; Ephesians 3: 20). To get answers to your prayers, what you imagine should agree with what you are asking for. When Israel came to the border of Canaan, they were defeated in their imagination (Numbers 13:33; Hebrews 3: 16). God will not break His rules for you; if He cannot change your situation in your imagination, He cannot change your life. It is time to dream! It is time to remove the limitations in your imagination!

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