Hebrews 4:12

The word of God is a supernatural living force; it has power to cause change and to make

things happen. God’s word carries God’s life. Life is the animating factor in a thing; there

are several types of life – human life which animates human beings, animal life which

animates animals, plant life in plants and inanimate life in objects. The highest form of life is

the Zoe life; it’s the life that animates God, and the word of God carries Zoe life.

The word of God has the capacity to affect man in all three forms – spirit, soul and body; it

can affect man’s mentality and dislodge thinking patterns, breaking strongholds of the mind.

The word of God can drastically alter man’s emotions – from sadness into unspeakable joy.

Lastly, it can affect man’s physical body; no illness or infirmity can withstand the Zoe life in

the word of God.

God describes the potency of His word in Jeremiah 23:29 as fire and as a hammer. Fire

never leaves anything it comes in contact with the same, it either consumes it or refines it;

also, the hammer can be used to smash rocks, so the word of God will smash any obstacles

in the way of man’s destiny.

God’s word carries God’s characteristics; it’s eternal, saving and creative. The raw material

with which God created the world is revelation – God’s word. When God’s word comes to a

person, he becomes pregnant with a miracle. Demons tremble at God’s word, circumstances

shift and God’s word will change your life forever.

It’s a new season! It’s time for a shift to a new level! New revelations, new testimonies! To

access revelation, pray, meditate on the word of God and listen to His prophet. When

revelations come, we have got to believe, confess the word and act on the revelation, to

experience the manifestation of the revelation.

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